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Pro-Series Tall Barn Sheds

Ted's Sheds of Colorado Tall Barn Pro-Series Sheds


Google-360 View of Ted's Sheds of Colorado Pro Serries Tall-Barn sheds

Ted's Sheds™ 
Pro-Series Tall Barn 
Shed Prices

    Model        Price
T-B-P 8 x 8       $3,256
T-B-P 8 x 10     $3,668

T-B-P 8 x 12     $4,064

T-B-P 8 x 14     $4,624

T-B-P 8 x 16     $5,018

T-B-P 10 x 8     $3,668

T-B-P 10 x 10   $4,426

T-B-P 10 x 12   $4,938

T-B-P 10 x 14   $5,538

T-B-P 10 x 16   $5,869

T-B-P 10 x 18   $6,368

T-B-P 10 x 20   $6,998

T-B-P 10 x 22   $7,278

T-B-P 12 x 8     $4,068

T-B-P 12 x 10   $4,938

T-B-P 12 x 12   $5,878

T-B-P 12x 14    $6,318

T-B-P 12 x 16   $6,883

T-B-P 12 x18    $7,434

T-B-P 12 x 20   $7,987

T-B-P 12 x 22   $8,498

T-B-P 12 x 24   $9,078

FREE DELIVERY and set up in the

Metro Denver Area!

The Teds Sheds Pro Tall Barn provieds the most storage for the price. With optional lofts installed you can almost double your storage! 

As with all Pro Series sheds you get 2 x 6 Galvanized steel joist, 7' interior sidewall height, Galvanized steel door frame, and an aluminum threshold.

Ted's Sheds of Colorado builds the Pro Series Tall-Barn with seven foot interior sidewalls as a standard feature
3D Design and Shed Quote Tool
You can get a custom Skylight in your new shed.
Sealed flooring is a standard feature
Add an optional loft to your Ted's sheds of Colorado Custom Pro Serries Tall Barn Shed.
Ted's Sheds of Colorado Pro Series Tall-Barn with custom loft storage.
Custom Shelving options
Pro Series Tall Barn construction by Ted's Sheds of Colorado
Ted's Shed has Interest Free Financing Available!

Added features and customization is extra. Certain site conditions may require an additional charge.

Double your storage space for a little extra money!


Tall Barn Shed Features:


Building Structure:


  • Full 2x4 construction, 16" stud spacing on side walls

  • Double top plates

  • Full 7' interior side walls

  • LP Silvertech Radiant Barrier (50yr MFG warranty

  • LP Smartside Trim (50yr MFG Warranty)




  • 4' x 6' standard opening

  • Double hung doors (no more saggy doors!)

  • Galvanized steel door frame

  • Door placement on any side of shed

  • Commercial grade door handle with keys

  • Aluminum Threshold



  • 3/4" interlocking treated LP ProStruct with SmartFinish

  • 2x6 16 Guage Galvanized steel floor joists



  • 7/16 LP osb roof decking

  • 15 lb felt roof paper

  • 30 year Dimensional Owens Corning Shingles 



*Gable vents included on all models


Full 7 year warranty


Prices are subject to change without notice.



We accept: Cash, Check, Master Card, Visa, Discover

© Copyright Teds Sheds™

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